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Andrew Divoff. country: USA. 90 minutes. Four young women travel to their college professor's new country home for a weekend getaway, only to discover that the house has a malevolent past. release Year: 2017

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I think most of the people who've been reviewing this movie couldn't have watched it! FINALLY, a TRULY UNIQUE horror movie has been made! This movie preys on our fears from history, I'll explain momentarily, instead of just a hack and slash with gore merely for the purpose of gore, like the dozens of boring Saw franchise movies and others of that ilk! This movie was written thoughtfully, and they stuck to their story, which is GREAT, most horror movies- IF they have any real story to speak of - change the story at LEAST once at some point along the way, to suit the lazy movie making. This movie is ALSO unique, because they don't just TELL you a back story about what happened in the house& too the family, they actually spend around 25-30 minutes SHOWING us what happened at the beginning of the movie, so we KNOW EXACTLY what happened, and it sets the tone and history of the movie!
At the beginning, we see a family of 3, father, mother, daughter. Father FORBIDS daughter to not only go into town, but she's home schooled. he chases off &threatens any kids who come to visit her. She is rebellious because she's a teenager, and he's strict too the point of abuse, and eer find out why. Father was a member of Hitler's inner circle! To the point that he had tons of memorabilia around the basement, including photos of himself with Hitler. One day a package comes, via Brazil, with a letter saying that Hitler is grateful for his service and helping protect and move Hitler's precious artifacts. Enclosed was a gift from Hitler, a French artifact, a cross from the crusades that traps hatred. The only problem with that, is that having it around, it exudes the hatred onto anyone and everyone that's around it! I won't give anymore away about that, because I ABHOR spoilers, when I'm just looking for a review with a little info, to see if it's worth watching!
Then we flash forward to the present day, and a girl and her 3 friends are staying at her college professors house for the weekend, and she's hooking too get a job with him, that was the main purpose of going there, and during that time, they also have the professor's daughter who's about 10 years old. Regan, the girl who's looking for the job, also was hoping her sister would join them, but their grandmother took a bad fall, and she wanted to be sure grandma was set up and well taken care of before she left her side. however, her heart stopped several times in her sleep. It's very strange, one of my biggest complaints is plot holes, and grandma is the top one. They keep flashing to her, and talking about her heart stopping, making it out like it's connected with what Reagan's going through somehow, but THEY NEVER EXPLAIN IT! My other plot holes I can't delve into without leaving spoilers, so I'm zipping my lip.
I think the movie was well done, you can tell they didn't have a big budget only in the film quality(I notice these things because I used to be a photographer who also trained many photographers, so I know a LOT about film quality etc) but you may not notice it. The special effects were AMAZING. The actors, ESPECIALLY the young lady who plays Regan, were GREAT! I highly recommend this movie, pick it up and watch it, or you can find it right now(summer of '19) on Netflix, you won't be sorry.
“I only gave the babysitter one rule: if the Christmas lights start twinkling strangely, leave the room immediately.”.
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Some funny snippets from the talk near the end of the PLL - Yoko hates good looking people. The Here& s a look Watch the Online Yidio. DOWnloAd The Hatred IMDB. მალე ისინი ბოროტი მოჩვენებების გარემოცვაში აღმოჩდებიან. თრეილერი ჯერ არ არის. RUS-თრეილერი: სიძულვილი / The Hatred (Alice: The Hatred.





“This is going to be an emotional roller coaster” * cuts to shot that fans will definitely recognize as “Alabanza” * Me: Welp, Im gonna be crying again, I guess. First I was afraid for her, but then. omg, that twist was chilling. I definitely welcome Alison Brie going outside comedic roles.


“I am Usnavi and youve probably never heard my name... ” why I want to cry when I heard that lmaoo. It's so disrespecting and offended on so many level that they not make Dracula nowadays as a black strong independent woman. I'm not into musicals but this looks interesting looks good.


Official website. I'm so happy finally being able to see Latinos on SCREEN 😭😭.




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