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"He Sends Rain" is a narrative feature film about a young man whose perspective is challenged when he is forced to confront old wounds. At the onset of this story, David Conrad is a man who trusts his intellect, and his anger about a family tragedy has transformed into deeply rooted bitterness. During a visit to David's family home, Julia, his wife, notices negative changes in David's personality and attempts to uncover the mystery of David's past. In this film, David is forced to confront where he's wrong about himself, about his relationships, and about faith. As Socrates put it, "The unexamined life is not worth living." "He Sends Rain" explores this idea, and it does so in an entertaining and thoughtful way

Tomatometer: 8 of 10 Star

duration: 111 Minute


Genre: Drama

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I really enjoyed the story and great cast. I really like the sets. It made me think about my life and it even made me cry. Great movie, believable story I would have added a 12 step program in there somewhere.



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