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year=2017; Creator=Liivo Niglas; country=France; Reviews="The Land of Love" is a documentary film about reindeer, oil, politics and poetry. It tells a story about Yuri Vella, a Forest Nenets reindeer herder and poet who lives in the taiga of Western Siberia, and who tries to prove that one person can stand against the great power that is destroying the environment of the native people. Vella calls the Land of Love a piece of the forest tundra where each autumn his reindeer mate. The same area is a favoured hunting ground for employees of Lukoil, a company that pumps oil in the region. For many years already Yuri has tried to chase the Lukoil people away from the Land of Love because the noise of cars and rifle shots and the ruckus caused by boozing oil workers disturbs the mating of reindeer. Yuri uses several unusual resistance methods to chase the oil workers away, including filming the intruders and writing poems on the subject

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Publisher: Jahan Zaib Virk
Resume ‏‏‏‏ملک خداداد پاکستان کا بوسیدہ نظام ایک خونی انقلاب مانگ رہا ہے --- پاکستان زندہ باد --- 🇵🇰

I love them they were my fav from the start. The land of love. Welcome to the land of love. Dayniac4324. All these dislikes are just Australians liking this. Omg I just discovered this song and Im in love 😭😭. The land of love tattoo. Soooooo when does the album drop? 🔥💚💛❤️. The Land of love. The land of love lyrics. The land of love pa. Tacy. have you watched very many of her movies ? They're a lot of fun ! Thanks. What a haunting melody, kinda reminds me of the theme from The Godfather. truly beautiful. And who'd have ever guessed that Rock would be gay. Paris the land of love.

Love it ❤❤.
One of the many masterpieces of the 80's...
Thank you. really happy you enjoyed.

It is not just an ordinary song, why do I feel it while watching. The land of love paris. Loveland hotel. Love of the land strasser. Stellarim, Brewers primary building--ground floor. The automatic doors slide open for Dante as he enter the place of his mother's business. He's greeted by name by a few passing employees and he reciprocates the notion, heading towards an elevator at the end of a hallway--allowed free reign of the location. Once inside it, he hits the button for the top floor, smiling and waving to the camera that was in the corner of its ceiling afterward. Following that gesture, he hears his mother's voice in his mind thanks to their shared vampire blood. C: "Dante? What's brought you up here this late in the night? " D: "Well you'll find out soon enough, won't you? " C: "What, is it something important you gotta tell me in person? " D: "Yes and no. I'm almost at the top. " The elevator comes to a halt and lets him out. Heading towards the office door, the guards outside it step aside to let him through, entering where he spies Cadence and Tower, the latter splayed out on a couch while his master rises from their desk to walk over and hug Dante, which he gladly accepts. C: "Hey, you! So what has brought you up here, hm? " D: "Two things, actually. One, why on Earth haven't you gone home yet? It's 4:30 in the morning. I have an excuse, I work at a nightclub, but dad worries about you. " C: "Wh... I run an arms dealing business! That kinda thing doesn't exactly sleep. " D: "Ah-ah, but it's personnel do, which you are a part of. Now either march yourself back home and get some sleep, will you? " C: "I'm supposed to be the mom here... " D: "Yes and my mother is a workaholic. Go! Begone! Shoo! And leave Tower while you're at it, I have something I wish to speak to him about. " C: "Fine, dness. " D: "Love you, mom. " They share another hug and smooches on their cheeks, Cadence squeezing him a little before collecting her things and heading out. Tower has raised his head upon hearing his name and stretches out his limbs, his metallic jaw rattling a bit from tension as he yawn then let it relax again. Dante walks over and sits on the couch with him, petting his metal head. T: "What did you wish to speak about? " D: " know Aunt Mirrah's recent scare, yes? " T: "I do not. What has happened? Is she alright? " D: "Completely. But she was recently stalked by some... unknown skeleton in a suit. Scared her out of her mind. He seemingly appears and disappears from I know that my mother is the most important person in the world to you, and that you stay by her side and fight for her because of it. But she also has plenty of other guards as it there's no one immediately available, to my knowledge, that can pledge themselves to watching over her during this strange time. " He reaches under the beast's head to tilt it up and look at him, while also scratching his chin. D: "I would ask that until this stalker is no longer a threat, that you accompany her wherever she goes. Mother will be alright--we can trust in the strength and speed of Locke, Keyes, and Yeva, no? " T: "That is well. " D: "Not going to think about it? " T: "There is nothing to think about. My master is well guarded, and her direct sibling is in potential danger. She needs someone to watch her back, and I fit the bill perfectly. " Dante chuckles, hugging Tower's head as his wiry tail wag. D: "Good boy... I am in your debt. She's at home right now, so you can head back with mom. " T: "What of yourself? Will you be heading home soon as well? " D: "Not quite... I have to go ask someone a question before I do that. I'll be safe, don't worry too much. " T: "If you insist. " Tower nuzzles against his face a bit before hopping down off the couch, trotting his way out of the office and towards the elevator. Chuckling, the young devil rises to his feet and walks over to stare out the wall-sized window in the office, out, over the he did, he pulls out his phone and begins texting someone. D: "I apologize if you aren't, but are you awake right now? " He looks up and out the window again while awaiting a response. It's hardly 60 seconds before his phone buzzes in his hand. V: "Yes, I am. You know me, I'm a night owl. What's up? " D: "I was hoping to meet up and ask you something in person. What's the closest open space to you? " V: "That would park. Shall we use that? " D: "Yes, perfect. I'll head over immediately. " Exhaling as if he'd been holding his breath, Dante puts his phone away and looks in the direction of the knows full well that Vitus is already aware what he's going to ask. It's the answer that he's iding open one of the windows, he steps out on to the ledge before closing it behind him, then hopping off casually. A quick mid-air jump just before hitting the ground cancels his momentum and he lands safely, making his way to the meeting spot. Already waiting for him there was Vitus, a very dear friend of his. The January weather was a bit nippy in Texas and he'd put on a coat to deal with that, waving with a smile when he spotted Dante approaching, who returns the gesture while walking up to him. V: "Always good to see you. " D: "Likewise. Alright, uh... " He pauses a moment, Vitus not saying a word and letting him take his time. One line of thought runs through the younger man's head: "This question is either going to give me an elevated heart rate and a smile, or a bottle of tequila and a Diane to go with it. Here goes. " D: "Do you--" V: "Get the feeling we're being watched? " D: " me? " V: "I'm sorry for cutting you off, just... I'm suddenly getting that feeling. It's a little off putting. " There's a moment of silence between them as they focus. D: "Now that you mention it... " They both turn in the same direction. Staring up at a building was nothing. Nothing at thing creeping in the shadows or spying on them from above. The feeling leaves them and they both sigh. V: " continue. " D: "Ah, yes. see--" V: "I was kidding. " D: "What? " Dante is taken massively off guard as Vitus leaned down and slid in to press their lips together, holding it for a moment. The kiss felt as if lasted for way longer than it actually did for the young devil, who's heart rate did in fact spike, and his eyes remain wide while he blink a few times following the two parting from one another. Vitus simply laughs a bit. V: "I knew what you were going to ask the moment you texted me about it. My answer is 'We'll see. You owe me for the kiss by the way'. " D: ", you... " Another laugh. V: "You flirt a very big you're really a massive sub. You know that, right? Look at you, tripping all over yourself. " D: "Well what do you expect out of me when one as beautiful as you walks up and does that in the middle of a chilly moonlit night? Come on now. " V: "Am I wrong? " D: ".... " V: "That's what I thought. Anyway, it's 5 in the morning, you should get home, knowing how it is for you Walkers your family must be terribly worried. " D: "I my case it's not that bad. I'm not helpless. " V: "Ahh, but you're in Stellarim. Anything can happen here. Do me the favor, then? Stay safe on your way home? " D: "Damn you and your correct choice of words. " V: "I'll take that as a yes. I'll see you later. " He pats Dante's cheek a couple times before turning and leaving with a wave. He's still kinda flustered and smacks himself a couple times to snap out of it, or at least he tries to, hissing afterward. D: ".. do people do that? Now I'm embarrassed and my face hurts. " Turning, he just sighs heavily in to a smile before starting to walk, making his way home. From atop the roof they had looked at earlier... a raven with feathers of the deepest night hops along the ledge it was sitting on in to the light, making itself visible to no one in particular. One of its eyes was missing, the right socket empty with the left holding an eye that seemed to leave a trail of red in the air wherever it moved. It watches the path Dante takes until he was out of sight, after which it leaps off the building to take flight--the creature devoid of light vanishing in to the fading night. Devil Academy, lounge. Having returned home for the time being, he had found that his aunt Mirrah was asleep in the school lounge--having been awake for inordinate amounts of time and collapsing from exhaustion as a result. Tower had already found her first and was curled up beside her, his head resting along her shoulder so he could keep an eye on the area while Dante sat in a chair close by, his mind occupied with many a different series of things to mull over. He's falling in and out of consciousness in the chair that he sat upon, but he isn't going to mind being kept up a while longer--assuming anyone is awake at this ungodly hour and notices him.

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I met a strange lady, she made me nervous literally everyone saying they're nervous in front of their crush. Everyone: Makes references to Australia and it's bush fires Me: cries in Australian. The land of love what country. The land of love photos.

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Come from the land of love. Can't agree more on Smite Blitz. I love Smite (the PC MOBA game), I love mythology in general, and even though it could still need quite some polish, but it's noticeable that the developers are really standing behind it. When I heard about Smite Blitz, I obviously had to play it, but sadly it's just an extremely short sighted cash grab. They just hired some unknown chinese company to reskin a Gacha-Game and that's it. I seriously hope no one actually spends money on this "game" and those who already did should try to get a refund. Basically an alpha version, except that this one is getting neither bug fixes nor content. Haven't heard from anyone actually receiving support either, only thing you hear from the support is the automatic "We received your ticket" mail. I don't know why HiRez is doing something like this. They are already known as a mediocre studio at best. They need new players in Smite and Paladins, but by going for such a cheap cash-grab move they only scare people away

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Land of the lovely. The land of love and drowning summary. Love island. The green land of love. The land of love hotel. The land of love and ruins. Beautiful video. The land of love poconos. Aug-2019 anybody? ❤️ 🔂. I really hope the animals that survived in Australia are okay... I hope everyone is okay there... Oh yes. in a lot of ways, this is as good as it gets. superb video and song. timeless. So many of these songs had such great romantic lines, and this one is no exception. all the stars above for you Toni. superb. manfread, xo. The land of love song. Love sikh. Listening to Stick Figure is as healthy for you as eating broccoli. The land of love and teeth. Your all i need in my LIFE 🙂😄💖👌💝.

Thanks much. The land of love resort.

The land of love netherlands. I can't do anything, Simeone has my account, and my Gmail, I can't sign into charnels nothing can't listen to anything, because I challenged Bobby, and I will again, if he keeps it up, I haven't done anything in a while, then come and get me, if you need me, tell me now, I have to go to bed, and I am tired of these games, I really want Someone else that would never treat me this way, so I don't think so anymore, A chance with him is better than being played games with, and never being enough for you, and being lady choice, also feeling that way always, and having to be now key.

Thank you so much for this. It is the first time I'm hearing I am just in AWE. Her voice is just SO are literally streaming down my cheeks. WOW. You have also done a great job with the video. I enjoyed it very much. GangGang One off my Stoneyy Songs wen I feel like Crying about my Last break up🤙😰. I thought this song was Jamaican. Sounds good, just like the old reggae songs. Go Australia.

The Land of loves. Prayers to Australia 🙏🏼. Loveland resort. The land of boggs love. Greatest song ever of that era, Such a crazy story... I mean honestly it seems like a wild acid trip, of course on the hippie trail head full of zombie? LSD for sure lol. Girls sleepover at 3 am: omg isnt Johnny so cute Boys sleepover at 3 am 1:36.




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