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genre Thriller
Average ratings 5,4 of 10
Graduation Day is a movie starring Isabella Maniaci, Tracy Lynch Britton, and Kathlene Ashcraft. A group of high school students that document the events of their senior year in this suspenseful 'Found Footage' thriller
actor Tracy Lynch Britton

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Class of 2013 free stream. Class of 2013 free download. Attempting to monitor their graduating class, a group of teens accidentally kill a fellow student and decide to hide the body in order to carry on with their lives only for someone to approach them about revealing the crime and forcing them to stop the blackmailer.
This is one of the most putrid and worthless barely-horror efforts around. There's an abundance of flaws here that on it's own are incredibly detrimental on their own but all cobbled together just simply destroying this one, beginning with the people involved in the whole affair. This is yet another of an endless series of films involving friends who are the prototypical rich, self-centered arrogant jerks who view everything else as expendable so long as nothing interferes in their pursuit of partying and having a good time, which makes the film so difficult to get into because it pegs them as those kinds of people from the very start and doesn't expend any pretenses about them as anything otherwise which really makes them so hard to care for that this one starts off being so incredibly boring that even with the characters being enjoyable the pace is so stilted there's little to like here anyway. It takes well over twenty minutes before the initial accident to occur that starts them on their main path here that there's a decided lack of action for quite a while into this one that it really stumbles over the first half. Since it's all focused on hammering home those qualities for the group with their school antics and the party, this is just insanely boring with nothing interesting going on for an extended period of time so that it has to simply rush through the final hour of time since this barely runs over an hour. That's another big flaw here for this one, where it just doesn't last long enough to really allow the full depth of it's story to be expanded upon when it doesn't have the time to do this. That leaves this one with such a little chance of actually doing anything that there's little opportunity to bulk that up with utterly bland efforts to build this up. There's also the rather detrimental factor here that involves this one being a found-footage effort in that there's so many of the same utterly horrendous and problematic flaws found in these kinds of efforts coming back up again, with the scattering focus keeping the action next-to-impossible to make out when it should've been enhancing the scenes instead, the rattling zooms and shaking visuals are headache-inducing rather than complimentary to what's happening and the constant need to keep filming in spite of their own personal safety as several of these scenes are shot from the perspective of someone who really shouldn't be videotaping the sequence which all comes together to be quite distracting in the long run. On top of all these other problems, the ending here does come off as even worse here for what it sets-up against the rest of the film,and completely undermines everything that came before. Even the plot makes no sense as for why this particular entity carries out the revenge as it does as the fact that the twist revealed here makes for a rather puzzling effort with barely anything worthwhile about what happened beforehand making sense with the way this ends on. Along with the fact that this one rips off so many other films that it doesn't offer up anything original on it's own merits, all of these issues make up detrimental flaws on their own but all together make for a truly worthless effort.
Rated R: Graphic Language, Brief Nudity, Mild Violence and drug use.

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