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2015. 18 Vote. writed by Eric Bergkraut, Barbara Kaspar. Country Switzerland. director Eric Bergkraut

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Citizien Khodorkovsky


I welcome all souls who recite this prayer, without exception. My Mercy is extended, especially, to souls who are facing death, but who do not believe in Me, when they say this prayer three times a day, in their final days. Your Jesus see. Most powerful communist power in history? The USSR was Capitalism at its cruelest and rudest, enslavement of the masses so the tiny elite could be enriched. Communism and Socialism have never, ever, happened in essence, or we wouldn't be in the bloody mess we're in now. Capitalism is the cancer of humanity.

PLEASE UPLOAD 2ND PART AGAIN, THX. Citizen khodorkovsky children. Mr Putin. he is a clever politician, knows the behaviour of the So call Jews and their antics as well as that of the United States. He is a man who sees that his country and people are well protected from the jaws of the so called Jewish sharks and that of the Americans.


Citizen khodorkovsky quotes. Citizen khodorkovsky age. @48.13 one can tell their mischievous ways were bearing fruit, without any consideration for the others. how many were the oligarchs. Sir Daniel Nonfaultson. Thanks for the upload. To be absolutely certain, Boris Yeltsin made the correct decision of selecting Vladimir Putin as Prime Minister. And as President, Vladimir Putin has saved Russia from a similar financial slaughter as that which befell Germany after WWI. Not only has Putin saved Russia, he has elevated her as a nation and worked hard to uplift the lot of the Russian people. That is why the Russian people love him and why the psychopathic fraudsters - England and America detest him so much and use every dirty trick in the book to debase him and pull down Russia as a nation. But they have failed miserably.

Great movie. Needs much more attention. Same as in the uSA lying, theft and collusion hebrew style. Russia has always been opposed to Jews, or at the least agendas they push, so they conquered Russia via revolution and set up a communist state to stop it. However the communist state failed (An inevitability due to communism's nature) and Russia is starting to fight back against them again. Nationalism is growing, Putin is removing certain individuals (hint hint) and he nationalized the central bank (too risky to remove it outright, but it's a start) it has banned many destructive policies such as feminism and multiculturalism, George Soros is wanted dead or alive, and this is all with a crippled economy thanks to sanctioning. I only hope he doesn't take it to the extreme like another individual from ~85 years ago.

Citizen khodorkovsky day. Jews have no moral compass. I, as an american, support Russia and Putin completely. Why? Because I became aware of Jewish Zionism acutely about a month after 9/11 when I became aware that there was something fishy and not right about the whole thing. As I flipped around all the MSM news channels, I realized that it wasn't news at all but an agenda. I had been suspicious of Jews long before this because of how they looked at themselves as something different; something tight, something more special than other people. I used to provide security for all the celebrities and bigwigs around Hollywood, Beverly Hills, LA, Malibu, etc. They were virtually all Jews and filthy rich. Now, don't get me wrong, I have met many wonderful and truly fine Jews that did not act so superior, but were exceptionally wonderful people. Now, back to the agenda. it was easy to put 2 and 2 together and see that this whole 9/11 was carefully put together and planed for in advance and the MSM was obviously well prepared in advance to pounce on the incident with total bias that didn't make any sense other than to benefit Israel. It was an absolute total, preplaned rush to judgement! No critical thinking at all. After all why invade an entire nation half the size of the size of the United States, for what just 15 terrorists -75% of whom were Saudies- Seeing how obviously there was no way a structure like those could fall like that without explosives planed inside and to fall completely within seconds. And then, of course, there was building 7. And then of course there was the mysterious Anthrax poisening that didn't make any sense other than to scare people as somehow connected to the attack. Anyway, I could go on forever about that. So I realized that this had to be an inside job and that Israel and Zionist Deep State America was behind it. Then just more and more learning about the big picture involved, then the Iraq bullshit, then more and more in depth research resulting in a frightful realization of the Jewish global agenda. Then I read the Protocalls of The Learned Elders of Zion,and that was it. Everything I had suspected was confirmed and then some. Boy, and then explained everything; more then I could have even imagined. But for a long time it seemed like I was the only one who held this view. Then, gradually over time, I learned that more and more people saw things exactly the same way I did. In fact, a lot of people saw things the same way I did. Absolutely no doubt with the media, the global banks, The IMF, the EU, the fact that every American and EU polititian was corrupted by the Jews, etc., etc., etc., etc. Then I accidently found RT and realized that the largest nation on earth and it's leader,Putin, not just agreed with me but more rather now, it was I who agreed with them. That was it! I had finally found my true home! Russia and Putin; the people who I know are in the right. I don't like to use the words good and evil, but Zionism is truly evil and Russia is essentially the anti Zionsim. But I must confess also, that I had always been fascinated by Russia, its history, its unbelievable suffering with millions of deaths, and still managing to survive in tact. And last, but certainly not least, It's absolutely beautiful women; the most beautiful in the world. If the world comes to an end in my lifetime, I want to die in Russia, as a Russian.

Citizen khodorkovsky video. Citizen khodorkovsky photos. All seven of them were jews not Russians just like the ones who control America and all the NATO countries and the UN. If jews are so persecuted, pograms, etc.- how did they become oligarch? How did they get so much power in Bolshevik Russia.

I met Mr. Soros in the United States. Explains some of why Putin hates Soros

Most of the Russian oligarchs are in fact Jews. Jews set up the USSR and were responsible for murder of 65+ million Christians. Never hear that on the TalmudVision, do you. Again some jewish propganda staff pfff. Citizen khodorkovsky park. Citizen khodorkovsky academy. Brilliant documentary. Such depth of corruption, so well portrayed! Long live the internet and the freedom of information. I have learned much more through the internet than I did through formal tertiary education.

39:03 - The US needs an Operation Face in the Snow. A most interesting video. Very well made and professional. Get YouTube without the ads. Working Skip trial 1 month free. Mikhail Khodorkovsky on Putin, Russian elections, prison and corruption - BBC Newsnight - Duration: 7:14, Trailer - CITIZEN KHODORKOVSKY. Mikhail Khodorkovsky Net Worth 2018: Wiki, Married, Family. Directed by Eric Bergkraut. With Mikhail Khodorkovsky. The struggle for an open Russia, according to the country's most prominent opposition politician - the wealthy, controversial oligarch Mikhail Khodorkovsky. Mikhail Borisovich Khodorkovsky (Russian. IPA: mxil xdrkofskj] created 26 June 1963) is a Russian businessman and former oligarch, along with philanthropist, public figure and writer. In 2003 Khodorkovsky and Roman Abramovich were collectively named as Person of the Year by “Pro”. In 2004, Khodorkovsky was the wealthiest man in Russia (having a bundle of over... Mikhail Khodorkovsky Net Worth & Bio/Wiki 2018: Facts. Citizien Khodorkovsky (2015. Mikhail Borisovich Khodorkovsky was born on 26 June 1963, in Moscow, then) Russian SFSR, Soviet Union, of Jewish and Russian descent. Mikhail is a philanthropist, businessman and former oligarch, best known for formerly being the wealthiest man in Russia. He founded several businesses during his career, which were eventually seized by the government.




Same as in the uSA lying, theft and collusion hebrew style. How the rich got to control Russian media after the fall of communism. most intresting. Jewish people need to ask them selfes why is it that they have been persecuted in just about every country in europe ? and learn something from it. Thanks, i wasnt gonna watch it but everyone was raving about the ending.

Great movie on how seeking and going after justice can become convoluted.


Movie download kickass. The one movie when im on the bad guys side. He'd be free if he didn't mess with the big boss (Putin. I found Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn's Two Hundred Years Together in English under the title Crucifixion of Russia by Columbus Falco. It was banned in English. Putin is THE brilliant leader. They could have changed the ending and then have a sequel or another sequel after that. Watch Khodor,kovsky` Online Idowatch Watch Stream Citizien Khodorkovsky… Watch Online Yourvideohost. Watch Citizien Online Gorillavid. The entire worlds monitory system is flawed. It is debt based with the increase of this debt by government borrowing. Basically it is designed so that the rich get richer and the poor die. Crime against humanity on a global scale. Bankers should be brought to justice and the harshest sentences imposed for their crimes.

The ending of this film just goes to show how desperate they are to show that the law is always right. Spoiler how crazy would it have been that even after they did kill him. at nicks daughters cello show a bomb would've exploded. everyone woulve been we killed him and hes still killing people. Where I can watch it after LFF.


If he wants you dead you'll be dead.





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