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Brandon Feller / Valerie Klaus / Country: USA / 16 vote / Reviews: Restore follows the story of Kami Black and her family. Going through hardships after the suicide attempt of her mother, Kami seeks guidance from Kristen who has been in a similar situation before

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Everytime i watch this trailer i crack a little bit inside. Im sure you could build anything. Hell yeah some fab work, I really miss it. Wow - I can not believe how you got those bolts out with mostly just a pair of rusty pliers - where can I buy a plier that will do that much - and do you not have wrenches ans sockets. Another great video. Thanks for posting. I especially like how you skipped over the quiet cursing and frustration phase of the stuck bolt situations...

All of this men are currently dead. They are so alive on this film. Wonderful experience. Beautifully done. Next time try oven cleaner. You'll be amazed. Awesome job! You sure have some really nice tools for dealing with disassembling pallet wood. Just today my arm is sore from jerking those pesky nails out once I got them broke down. I have pallet blaster similar to yours and I use a awl punch to get the nails out, that works great for the small wood but the bigger frame pieces are horrible to get out. I finally just ground them off.

Looking good Joe👍🏻.
I'm actually (trying to) restore a old engine.
Gl great job.
There are no words to is a very Classy Gal! Outstanding restoration.
I enjoyed the video man. Came for the Jeep 8.8 video subbed for the trailer rehab.

Uma ótima restauração com poucos recursos ! Parabéns. 21:27 waguan Frog 😂.


This is the one of best movies l have ever seen. The way it addresses mental and spiritual health. I think that everyone 10 and over should see it. Please try to get in the hands of every middle school, high school and college. That age bracket could really benefit from it.
-Jana. Ha! This is the tiller my grandpa used for his garden, and now my dad uses it for his too. Our minds and spirits are always in a constant battle of tug of war. This shows nothing but restoration even when we think life has no hope left... Everyone who sees it can find a life lesson from many different perspectives. As my 8 year old says about any movie "Many lessons are in all movies can learn a lot...

😍 You're a miracle worker. Absolutely beautiful. スゴイ❗ 器用だね~d(⌒ー⌒. Nice job.

An amazing cinema experience for me. I was very glad that I took the time to go and see it

Facking brilliant mate. I have a q. What is the total load the wheels and the cart can handle thanks.





My trailer would be a bit more involved. both the front and back pieces, that go over the ends of the boards, are welded on. so i'd have to cut the welds on one end, then reattach them using bolts/large screws. Terrific film. That is the finest restoration I have ever seen! The Drive In (exterior) speakers are a fantastic touch. Well done. Magnífico. Cats 2: Electric Boogaloo With Your Host: Iron Man.


Buen video. Treated material as a replacement, is it silly to say a coat of paint adds to the longevity of the timber. not sure but my dad always painted most projects so Im in that mould of thinking 👍. Nice video very helpful. When will you be making more videos. A work of art.I just love to see things given a new lease of are a fine craftsman. Damn robert might actually have to act in this one.

It is clear that your project is properly planned. I like that

1998: Eddie Murphy 2020: Robert Downey Jr. Check prices online using our affiliate links: Welder: Lincoln PAPR Helmet. Joe, loved this entire series of videos, thank you so much it helped me understand the process of building one. I do have a question that may have already been asked but I cannot find it below. Do you have a cost for the entire project. Gl great job.


I really liked the design of the bathroom, with the mobile toilet. Very good idea. Looking forward to see how it goes, I wish if you can add dimensions/gauge for reference, thanks for your work. May all these lads and my Great Uncle Tommy rest in peace. xx. Careful when selecting your woods, plywood sometimes has hazardous chemicals in the glue resins.


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