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Actors Steven Uhles, Jon Waits Duration 1 hour 18minutes 2016 USA Description Based on the life of Visual Artist Leonard "Porkchop" Zimmerman and his HAPPY campaign, this is the story of one man's transformational journey through the storm, and his desire to share the sunshine he found on the other side of it

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Oh God, how I've missed this insane, drug induced nightmare of a show. This is so sad because the little dog brought SO MUCH joy to the little girl... it reminds me of my dog who passed about a year ago. ty for this marshmello X-X. Oh boy, Sausage Party now naughty muppets. I loved this show. So sad it was canceled. Can't wait for season 2. Like for insect gang bang. McDonald's discontinues the Happy Meal and intruduces the Angry Meal. What kind of food and toys are in it.

No Lost Girl. The line at 1:56 is all that needs to be known. Best show ever. I'll definitely get high watching season 2. Just discovered this on Netflix. Glad to see it's coming back. Like to think of it as a spin off of Law and Order SVU if Stabler lost his mind after leaving the show lol. Suprised to see Smoothie back. Wasn't he shot in the head last season. No no estoy llorando hermano solo se me metio una basurita.

Im blown away buy how Un blowing away these shows will be

Whats something that seems fun, but is actually terrible. After season 1, I can't see how this season is gonna work. Watched this over the holiday break. I've watched twice already. It's very original in its premise. They need to keep the raunchy comedy up. Man, I love Happy, as well. Me and my imaginary friend can't wait to watch am I the imaginary one? Oh well either way were both watching... Godddd damn lol. Of course I love Chris Meloni (who doesn't? but I wasn't even gonna give this show a chance it looked so fuckkkkin weird. Well praise god for Netflix arted watching the first episode this morning, and just finished the final one a few minutes ago. It is so damned good! A little. or a lot. crazy for sure one of the best shows currently on television. Doctor who, come on, I know it's not on syfy channel but st.

Eu chorei vendo o vídeo. Defiance and Farscape way better then pompous BSG. Bring back GREAT SCOTT.





Does anyone know when it'll be released? I know it's in 2019 but that's all I know. This show is like my life with less murder though. Elisha Cuthbert, enough said. Well its the Big Show.





9.3/ 10stars


0% bad words 4% crocodile 96% clear voice Edit: thank you 😁😁😁. When I was little I thought he said abli abli instead of lately I been. I must be cracked back then. Ngl 2012 was the best year of the whole timeline from 1990-2019. The only bad thing about this song is It ends.


I love the part when you say hapy happy happy and when you say fluffy. 0% drugs 0% girls 0% curse words 10% crocodile 10% old people falling 80% perfection. 2:57 até o Bruno Mars manda o bregafunk. Meus 14 anos... ❤❤❤. Dez anos sem ouvir esse som mas nunca eu ia esquecer essa Vibe. I'm not going to cry I won't cry. SHIT I CRIED. Genteeeee! Marcou minha pre-adolescencia toda. MÚSICA ETERNIZADA COM SUCESSO.

This video make me cry i miss my rottweiler 😢

Je ne m'en lasserai jamais. JAMAIS. Like sola des en el 2020. Always brings tears when watched idk why thou🤷🏽‍♂️. Diego es el más guapo o no. This is 💯% talent and hardwork of the editor. 😍😊 love this song. 💜😍🥰💙❤️😘. WHENEVER I LISTEN TO THIS SONG I REMEMBER MY CHILDHOOD MOMENTS. DAMN MAN! IM SO HAPPY. Happy, Happy (2011. Rotten Tomatoes. 2002 vibes. 😭😭😭 Algum br? Edit:chorei coitado do dog😭😢😢😢😢😔.



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