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directed by - Rob Burrows. 1H, 19 minute. Theodore Divanis. Drama. Temporal is a movie starring Theodore Divanis, Sarah Rumfitt, and Roger Bowmer. Traumatised by the sudden death of his girlfriend Jake opens a door to a bizarre and surreal journey that leads him to question reality. (Four

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Year 2017

rating 7,7 / 10

Gregory Caruso

brief Flock of Four is a movie starring Braeden Lemasters, Uriah Shelton, and Isaac Jay. Four best friends search for a legendary jazz musician on Central Avenue, Los Angeles in 1959


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Brazil / 6,9 / 10 stars / Score: 87 Vote / Bruna Bloch, a successful writer, hires her former boyfriend to experiment a creativity inducing brain chip called Melpomene(the Greek muse of tragedy). Before trying on herself, they use Cristi, a naive country girl, as guinea pig. The chip, installed on the elusive cranial nerve zero, shows results beyond expected. Cristi can no longer sleep, eat, smell nor can she die. What seemed to be a breakthrough in science becomes a horrific nightmare / Release Year: 2012

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  • actors: Debby Ayu
  • countries: Indonesia
  • genres: Horror
  • directors: Rizal Mantovani
  • Average ratings: 4,2 / 10

Pacific Sounds Free Colombia 123movies Roberto de Zubiria

  • abstract: The Pacific region is full of dances, genres and culture. Amazing music and experts in the subject will be with us during the journey
  • Writed by: Roberto de Zubiria
  • Roberto de Zubiria
  • Duration: 24Minute

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